K Viswanatha Pulavar was born on 31st May 1963, to late K L Krishnankutty Pulavar and Gomathy Amma. He was born into a traditional family with a rich historical background. With his father for Guru/ teacher he started a dedicated study of Pavakoothu. He soon achieved extra ordinary skills in all aspects of the art form within a short span of time. It is believed that Chinnathambi Pulavar who lived 2000 years ago was the first prominent performer of Tholpavakoothu. The following artists were endowed with unusual skill in this art: Cinnathambi Pulavar, Ela Pulavar, Thambi Pulavar, Lakshmana Pulavar, Krishnankutty Pulavar. All these performers proved themselves to be perfect artists in all respect. It was late Krishnankutty Pulavar himself who first took Tholpavakoothu out of the temple precincts to the outside world. So far they have conducted more than 5000 special programs performance in India and abroad. These are in addition to the annual presentations at temples. Even as a child Viswanatha Pulavar had accompanied his father Krishnankutty Pulavar when he had conducted performance in foreign countries like Sweden, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Spain , Ireland, France, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, USSR and England among others.

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Vipin Viswanatha Pulavar is the son of Viswanatha Pulavar and actively helps his father in the performing this art form. In 2011 Vipin went to Thailand and participated in the Thailand Festival. In addition to this they conduct countless shadow puppet shows within and outside Kerala.
Tholpavakoothu Tholpavakoothu